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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip It's obvious where Greg Biffle's cpmpetitive streak comes from.
Tags : Biffle  nascar  old  orio  competitive 
   (36 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip A very old and funny ad for Microsoft Windows.
Tags : windows  microsoft 
   (41 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Abby (our 2yr old border collie) meets my 7mo old godson, Little Bear.
Tags : pets  dog  funny  baby  cute 
   (275 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as the terminator in the scene of Jesus. Saving Jesus from his certain death.
Tags : arnold  Schwarzenegger  terminator  jesus  death  spoof  yv   
   (55 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip This guy gets a little unwanted JOLT. Old school.
Tags : Electric  Fence  funny  stupid 
   (134 ratings)
Views: 30168 | Comments: 1
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce Don't be frontin son -- no seeds on the bun We be up in this drive through order for two I gots a cravin' fo' a numba nine like my shoe We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle For...
Tags : McDonalds  drive  rap  funny 
   (93 ratings)
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