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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Here is a very funny commercial why you should use condoms! Kids can be such a pain in the head!
Tags : banned    commercial    condoms    kids   
   (166 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Some Kids dad made him wear a sign to school as punishment for selling drugs and using drugs. Drugs are bad M\'Kay !
Tags : drugs  sign  funny  school 
   (67 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Kids grow up so fast these days. Specialy if they have a dad like this guy (very funny ad).
Tags : no  nonsense  ad  funny  beer  kids 
   (56 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Very low-tech version of Pac-Man but the kids find it funny.
Tags : kids  puppet  pac-man  ad  funny 
   (104 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Whant to know what your kids are learning on the internet ? Take a look at this funny video.
Tags : kids  animals  learning   
   (110 ratings)
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