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Cats Fear Bananas Video

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Video Info: I would be scared too. Look out a banana is coming right for us.
Tags: cats banana
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crazyperson1234 (3316 days ago) :
This is Stupid!!!!!!!
Rauf (3021 days ago) :
What a jok
zamlee (2902 days ago) :
i dont understand about this joke
wilsonjennifer (2880 days ago) :
Great Fun
Anasazhar (2818 days ago) :
reji12 (2689 days ago) :
that was fuckin halarius
sothon (2532 days ago) :
may i download this video?
palash786 (2192 days ago) :
it is a great fun
wasimmalik2222 (2168 days ago) :
cinnamonbunbunch (1807 days ago) :
i don\'t get it this is dumb
sakil (1602 days ago) :
Verry funny ..and like this video

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