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Invisible Roap Prank Video

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Video Info: Very funny prank: two guys stopping traffic using an invisible roap.
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alsory (2923 days ago) :
asltoons (2891 days ago) :
Claybirdee (2762 days ago) :
Alright! This was hilarious dudes. But you have way to much time on your hands!
carlovanuatu (2234 days ago) :
The most funniest with just the perfect tone..;-)\r\nNice nice
Bikey barthwal (1969 days ago) :
Verey funny
suprabh (1947 days ago) :
cinnamonbunbunch (1807 days ago) :
wow just wow those guys are crazy
spyme (1789 days ago) :
zabbas (1643 days ago) :
Badal (1576 days ago) :
wanangwah mkandawire (1550 days ago) :
It was cool to me
Alwyn (1467 days ago) :
Where is my video?
cat (1396 days ago) :
How do I watch the movies?
Charlene (1343 days ago) :
shimpiyogi (1274 days ago) :
Saddam (1238 days ago) :
What is this
safeet_malik (1217 days ago) :
nyanlinn (1215 days ago) :
very very good
suneetha (1114 days ago) :
Good..very nice..

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