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Video Info: If you are a asian pacific islander american you have to see this one. Well it is funny if you are not too.
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Ashraf Khan (3061 days ago) :
This Video Is Very Goood
sankalpa (2834 days ago) :
jkhsjkhsdfkjhjksdfj\r\nsdfkljsdfkl\r\nsdfkjsldfjlsdk\r\nsdfkljsd\r\ndsfk dskfjslkd\r\nsdfkjsdfks\r\n
ashokbhagwat (2003 days ago) :
Like this
Lesterinfo (1609 days ago) :
Mez (1443 days ago) :
Like it dude\'
vikash32980 (1176 days ago) :
thais video is very good
vipintewari (1173 days ago) :
rida fatima (1155 days ago) :
I love

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