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Determined Little Dog Video

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Video Info: Funny little dog trying to get up a slide. He failed the first time but he doesn't give up.
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lucky (1935 days ago) :
cinnamonbunbunch (1924 days ago) :
this dog is funny its like dude give up already your not gonna make it
shelia2425 (1637 days ago) :
to funny
Francina (1635 days ago) :
Didn\'t see anything \r\n
Lou-anth (1609 days ago) :
Nothing works! Tried a few and saw noting! No contact details either to advise them! Not good!
vipintewari (1291 days ago) :
Good can i take this
chandraparkash (1253 days ago) :
palani (1218 days ago) :

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