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Stupid Cops Video

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Video Info: Cop kicks in the door at the wrong house.
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FunnyMan (3363 days ago) :
I was looking for some police games (< - like this one) and found this video. Very funny :)) ... it shows how stupid the police are. Stumbled it !
crazyperson1234 (3433 days ago) :
oh wow!!! That is really stupid that he broke into the wrong house!!!!
mr.meeks (3092 days ago) :
do do brain it was not her house and you broke her window
123ebm (2858 days ago) :
fuckin retards HA HA!!!
Michelle420 (2676 days ago) :
what a retard? bad bays bad boys what ya gonna do? what ya gonna do when they dont save you!
emula92 (2422 days ago) :
Why do u use the word stupid cop?
ranay (1917 days ago) :
wow that cop is so dum
sousa (1648 days ago) :
me (1594 days ago) :
Ahmad57 (1293 days ago) :
I think he has to pay all the things he broke stupid cop\r\n

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