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Stupid Cops Cop kicks in the door at the wrong house.
Tags : cop  stupid  fire  911 
    (1887 ratings) Views: 192473 | Comments: 10
Nut Cracker That must have hurt.
Tags : funny  stupid 
   (342 ratings) Views: 67318 | Comments: 3
Funny Domestic Dispute Drunk guy gets locked out of girlfriends house so of course he tries to get inside through the chimney, gets stuck and the fire department needs to rescue him.
Tags : Domestic  Dispute   
   (205 ratings) Views: 67756 | Comments: 2
Police Accident Look out it's coming strait for us ... a funny car accident. This time the car is a police car.
Tags : police  stupid  accident  funny 
   (474 ratings) Views: 105017 | Comments: 0
Thank You For Not Voting If you are a asian pacific islander american you have to see this one. Well it is funny if you are not too.
Tags : funny  add  vote  usa 
   (2104 ratings) Views: 223248 | Comments: 8
Top 10 Funniest G W  Bush Moments See Bush in some funny and stupid moments on video.
Tags : Bush  stupid  funny  USA 
   (143 ratings) Views: 51280 | Comments: 1
Miss Teen USA 2007 Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question.
Tags : USA  Miss  funny 
   (170 ratings) Views: 62133 | Comments: 0
Millionare Idiot If you whant to be a millionare you must be smarter than this guy.
Tags : millionare  idiot 
   (118 ratings) Views: 51546 | Comments: 1
Drugs are Bad Some Kids dad made him wear a sign to school as punishment for selling drugs and using drugs. Drugs are bad M\'Kay !
Tags : drugs  sign  funny  school 
   (67 ratings) Views: 44740 | Comments: 1
Mario Game Over It's game over for Mario in this Funny Video Clip
Tags : mario  video  clip  funny 
    (120 ratings) Views: 56251 | Comments: 0
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