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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip After winning the Oscars... Helen Mirren was invited by the queen her self to have tea with her. Lets watch this funny scene.
Tags : cbs    craig    ferguson    late    show    queen    elizabeth    deniro 
   (101 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Some guy ties to jump his scooter over a chair. Hilarity and spectacular crashes ensue.
Tags : Scooter  stupid  funny 
   (92 ratings)
Views: 21929 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip This couple is having a fight because the girl doesnt want to share the chocolates with her boyfriend.
Tags : Super  Bowl  Reno  Safety  funny  stupid 
   (200 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as the terminator in the scene of Jesus. Saving Jesus from his certain death.
Tags : arnold  Schwarzenegger  terminator  jesus  death  spoof  yv   
   (55 ratings)
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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip If you are a asian pacific islander american you have to see this one. Well it is funny if you are not too.
Tags : funny  add  vote  usa 
   (2104 ratings)
Views: 223227 | Comments: 8
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip A funny and stupid discution about the origin of cashmere transpires at a L.A. boutique.
Tags : LA    stupid  cow  cashmere  boutique  funny 
   (66 ratings)
Views: 24100 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip See right through a certain color in paint to a video playing behind it. One of the strangest things.
Tags :   Computers  Neat  Paint  Hack  Pc  Computer  Hacks   
   (42 ratings)
Views: 24344 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip mean guy taking a piss in a urinal, takes the piss cake and replaces the soap with it...very funny.
Tags : Toilet  guy  funny   
   (229 ratings)
Views: 36443 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip The Host of this show was laughing even his guest are crying. And the guest looks pissed with him.
Tags : funny  th  host  laughing   
   (58 ratings)
Views: 20746 | Comments: 0

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