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Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip A couple guys set out to make a funny spoof Saw 4 trailer. The end result is funny but now for the reason they intended.
Tags : saw4  guys  funny  spoof 
   (161 ratings)
Views: 33032 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Epson cat and dog funny printer ad.
Tags : epson  cat  dog  funny 
   (134 ratings)
Views: 25199 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip A cat opens the door for the other cats to get in .
Tags : cat  funny 
   (246 ratings)
Views: 71636 | Comments: 1
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip I would be scared too. Look out a banana is coming right for us.
Tags : cats  banana   
    (3354 ratings)
Views: 305229 | Comments: 11
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Pictures of Celebrities with their make up on and without. They look real different, some of the pictures are unimaginable.
Tags : Celebs    funny  pictures   
   (134 ratings)
Views: 35007 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Change your sexual orientation on an interview. Make discrimination work for you!
Tags : Straight    funny 
   (73 ratings)
Views: 22505 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip A compilation of funny moments in the field of soccer. And even though this sports is serious its still has its fun side.
Tags : football    injury    tackling    penalty    spitting    kick     
   (429 ratings)
Views: 71584 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip Can't take care of business like others can ? You might be suffering from
Tags : Connectile  Dysfunction  commercials  funny 
   (73 ratings)
Views: 42413 | Comments: 0
Funny Video, Funny Video-Clip These tools are fit for the pit not for bowling.
Tags : bowling  nascar  ad  funny  tools 
   (56 ratings)
Views: 20244 | Comments: 0

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