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Videos In This Channel:

Invisible Roap  Prank Very funny prank: two guys stopping traffic using an invisible roap.
Tags : pranl  cars  roap  invisible 
    (4328 ratings) Views: 370803 | Comments: 19
Writers Of Lost Ever wandered how the Lost plot is written ? Find out here...
Tags : lost  writers 
   (47 ratings) Views: 37968 | Comments: 1
The Telemarketers A record of a call of telemarketer trying to sell something. The guy threatens the telemarketer on being involved on the killing of a guy.
Tags : telemarketer  funny 
   (70 ratings) Views: 37959 | Comments: 0
Very Provocative Prank See how women react when there is a sudden gust of wind from below! A very provocative prank!
Tags : prank  funny  women   
   (434 ratings) Views: 104529 | Comments: 2
Falling Bricks Prank involving some bricks.
Tags : Bricks  Prank   
   (134 ratings) Views: 60132 | Comments: 0
Balls of Steel - Big Stranger Rodeo 2005 Part of the Balls of Steel series in 2005, Channel 4. Neg jumps on random strangers to see how long he can stay on for. pretty funny
Tags : funny  pranks  stupid 
   (267 ratings) Views: 73696 | Comments: 1
Garbage Men Hot chick gets pranked by two garbage mens.
Tags : funny  prank  chick 
   (195 ratings) Views: 72243 | Comments: 2
Golf Balls Practical Joke Very funny practical joke using golf balls.
Tags : golf  balls  video  funny  prank  joke 
   (213 ratings) Views: 60745 | Comments: 1
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