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Cat and Dog Funny Ad Epson cat and dog funny printer ad.
Tags : epson  cat  dog  funny 
   (134 ratings) Views: 25192 | Comments: 0
Durex Milkman Ad Why is the milkman so happy ? See for yourself !
Tags : milkman  durex  funny  add 
   (86 ratings) Views: 31830 | Comments: 1
Citibank  Funny Treadmill Ad Maibe Citi Cards can help. Very funny treadmill ad for Citibank.
Tags : cards  citi  treadmill  ads  funny 
   (67 ratings) Views: 22888 | Comments: 0
Career Builder Celebration The funnies video ad for career builder. Do you work with monkeys ?
Tags : monkey  career  celebration  funny  ad 
   (286 ratings) Views: 39581 | Comments: 0
Very Funny Video We are flying your inlaws...
Tags : funny  ad  video  clip 
   (159 ratings) Views: 32103 | Comments: 0
A Birthday Present She is 16 already, and parents made her a present.
Tags : present  birthday  comercial 
   (149 ratings) Views: 31479 | Comments: 0
Snack Promotion 14 Plus A gal promoting a snack with her huge boobs!! Nice coomercial.
Tags : commercial  bubs  funny  promotion 
   (201 ratings) Views: 36523 | Comments: 0
Farting Squirrel Saves The World! Do mints do this to you too? This farting squirrel saves the world!
Tags :   Fart  Squirrel  Save  World  Mints  Animated  Air  Commercials  Adverts  Advertising  Advertisement   
Not yet rated Views: 1 | Comments: 0
The Trunk Monkey A revolutionary idee in this funny video ad.
Tags : ad  monkey  trunk 
   (175 ratings) Views: 31721 | Comments: 0
BabyBel Funny Ad A BabyBel Funny Commercial
Tags : babybel  funny  ad 
   (53 ratings) Views: 19888 | Comments: 0
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