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God Bless America Another funny ad from AXE.
Tags : Ad  AXE  funny  commercial 
   (393 ratings) Views: 129657 | Comments: 1
Microsoft Windows Old Commercial A very old and funny ad for Microsoft Windows.
Tags : windows  microsoft 
   (41 ratings) Views: 21884 | Comments: 0
What are your kids learning Whant to know what your kids are learning on the internet ? Take a look at this funny video.
Tags : kids  animals  learning   
   (110 ratings) Views: 28867 | Comments: 0
Lynx Jet  Funny Commercial Lynx Jet is every mans fantasy ...
Tags : lynx  funn  jet 
   (162 ratings) Views: 43058 | Comments: 4
Jack Links Beef Funny Ad Don\'t mess with sasquatch !
Tags : funny  commercial  ad  beef  Sasquatch 
   (71 ratings) Views: 29196 | Comments: 0
The Only Voodoo Cure Why go through voodoo rituals to combat a voodoo doll. Simply drink Brahma Beer. Too Funny...
Tags :   Voodoo  Cure  funny  Commercials 
   (71 ratings) Views: 20492 | Comments: 0
Funny Infomercial Spoof We have all seen the infomercials where they tell you that you become a millionaire overnight if you just send them your money.
Tags : infomercials  millionaire   
   (70 ratings) Views: 23604 | Comments: 0
Banned Condom Commercial Here is a very funny commercial why you should use condoms! Kids can be such a pain in the head!
Tags : banned    commercial    condoms    kids   
   (166 ratings) Views: 33940 | Comments: 0
3 Day Test Drive After 3 days of marriage ...
Tags : marriage  opel  funny  ad  commercial 
   (290 ratings) Views: 35347 | Comments: 0
Better Holidays Research your holidays better - very funny video ad.
Tags : ad  commercial  funny  holiday 
   (55 ratings) Views: 21646 | Comments: 0
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