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Ballroom Blitz Funny Ad Not an ordinary millionaire.
Tags : commercial  ad  ballroom  blitz 
   (151 ratings) Views: 108761 | Comments: 0
Spice Up Your Life Looking for something to spice up your life ?
Tags : commercial  ad  funny  tv 
   (89 ratings) Views: 68673 | Comments: 0
Olives Anyone Funny Greek cheese ad. Watch the olives they might kill you.
Tags : olives  greek  cheese 
   (141 ratings) Views: 64935 | Comments: 2
Connectile Dysfunction Can't take care of business like others can ? You might be suffering from
Tags : Connectile  Dysfunction  commercials  funny 
   (73 ratings) Views: 42404 | Comments: 0
Responsible Fathers What does responsible father do ? He drinks vodka ...
Tags : vodka  funny 
   (164 ratings) Views: 59889 | Comments: 1
Dude Gets Busted This is a pretty funny. Some dude is home alone when his girlfriend walks in and busts him. A very funny ad for Bud Light.
Tags : Bud  Light 
   (195 ratings) Views: 64077 | Comments: 0
Hot Chick Gets Away With Anything It\'s good to be you.
Tags : hot  funny  ad 
   (136 ratings) Views: 58785 | Comments: 0
Look At The Cute Dog What the... ? What is that guy eating ?
Tags : dog  funny  commercial 
   (120 ratings) Views: 56355 | Comments: 0
Thank You For Not Voting If you are a asian pacific islander american you have to see this one. Well it is funny if you are not too.
Tags : funny  add  vote  usa 
   (2104 ratings) Views: 223235 | Comments: 8
 Nuts Nuts Magasine funny commercial.
Tags : Nuts 
   (216 ratings) Views: 54772 | Comments: 0
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