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Dr Phil Parody A Mad TVs version of Dr. Phil. Instead of helping the person he makes fun of the guest having a face that is hopeless even with surgery.
Tags : mad    tv    dr    phil 
   (60 ratings) Views: 20791 | Comments: 0
T3 Mad TV Spoof Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as the terminator in the scene of Jesus. Saving Jesus from his certain death.
Tags : arnold  Schwarzenegger  terminator  jesus  death  spoof  yv   
   (55 ratings) Views: 23319 | Comments: 0
Greg Biffle Oreo Ad It's obvious where Greg Biffle's cpmpetitive streak comes from.
Tags : Biffle  nascar  old  orio  competitive 
   (36 ratings) Views: 17691 | Comments: 0
Craftsman Rowing These tools are fit for the pit crew not for rowing team.
Tags : rowing  nascar  tolls  funny  ad 
   (70 ratings) Views: 27290 | Comments: 0
Craftsman Bowling Ad These tools are fit for the pit not for bowling.
Tags : bowling  nascar  ad  funny  tools 
   (56 ratings) Views: 20219 | Comments: 0
Fox Sports The high-diver really sticks his landing.
Tags : sports  diver 
   (59 ratings) Views: 22959 | Comments: 0
Pac-Man Puppet Show Very low-tech version of Pac-Man but the kids find it funny.
Tags : kids  puppet  pac-man  ad  funny 
   (104 ratings) Views: 26190 | Comments: 0
Pac Man Ebay Ever wondered what video game extras talk about?
Tags : pacman  ebay  video  game 
   (46 ratings) Views: 21768 | Comments: 0
The Cashmere Cow A funny and stupid discution about the origin of cashmere transpires at a L.A. boutique.
Tags : LA    stupid  cow  cashmere  boutique  funny 
   (66 ratings) Views: 24048 | Comments: 0
My Mom Said I Could This terrible tike's is a real mama's boy , but she doesn't know it ! Very funny condom ad.
Tags : mom  funny  condoms  ad  boy 
   (171 ratings) Views: 25487 | Comments: 1
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