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Jewish Rapper As crazy at it sounds there is a Jewish rapper! Its actually pretty cool sounding.
Tags : Jewish  Rapper    funny 
   (56 ratings) Views: 21984 | Comments: 0
Malaysian Idol Contestant Michael Jackson hey did a show like American Idol in Malaysia called Malaysian Idol. This contestant does a Michael Jackson impersonation that you will not soon forget!
Tags : Malaysian  Idol  Contestant  Michael  Jackson    funny 
   (192 ratings) Views: 30598 | Comments: 1
The Electric Fence This guy gets a little unwanted JOLT. Old school.
Tags : Electric  Fence  funny  stupid 
   (134 ratings) Views: 30102 | Comments: 1
Celebs Without Make Ups Pictures of Celebrities with their make up on and without. They look real different, some of the pictures are unimaginable.
Tags : Celebs    funny  pictures   
   (134 ratings) Views: 34936 | Comments: 0
Vibra Call The girl enjoys the vibrating movement of her cellphone. She cant concentrate on her exam!
Tags : vibra    call    vibracall  exam  funny 
   (261 ratings) Views: 36576 | Comments: 0
Change your sexual orientation Change your sexual orientation on an interview. Make discrimination work for you!
Tags : Straight    funny 
   (73 ratings) Views: 22463 | Comments: 0
Interview With Beyonce Knoweles An interview with Beyonce Knoweles by a bare chest Mexican.
Tags : Beyonce  Knoweles  funny  interview    Mexican 
   (97 ratings) Views: 31640 | Comments: 0
Different Types Of Personalities An interview with different types of personalities. Played by a single person.
Tags : funny   
   (113 ratings) Views: 32307 | Comments: 0
Blind Kung Fu Master A funny Mad TV video about a blind kung fu master in the streets.
Tags : kung    fu    master    mad    hilarious     
   (156 ratings) Views: 28082 | Comments: 0
3 Day Test Drive After 3 days of marriage ...
Tags : marriage  opel  funny  ad  commercial 
   (290 ratings) Views: 35346 | Comments: 0
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