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Kid Runs Into Car Look out he has no brakes...
Tags : kid  car  funny 
   (181 ratings) Views: 37249 | Comments: 1
Nut Cracker That must have hurt.
Tags : funny  stupid 
   (340 ratings) Views: 66384 | Comments: 3
Cat Opens Door A cat opens the door for the other cats to get in .
Tags : cat  funny 
   (245 ratings) Views: 71032 | Comments: 1
Panda Sneezes Parent panda gets a surprise when the baby panda sneezes.
Tags : panda 
    (582 ratings) Views: 176626 | Comments: 0
Skating Dog Look out ... for the dog he has just begun skating.
Tags : dog  skate 
   (267 ratings) Views: 35717 | Comments: 1
Funny Dog A funny animal video featuring a swinging dog !
Tags : dog 
   (173 ratings) Views: 33849 | Comments: 0
Look Out Below Fat Woman Vs Thin Log Fat uncoordinated woman vs thin log, who emerges victorious? You be the judge.
Tags : fat  aacident  river 
   (95 ratings) Views: 27810 | Comments: 0
Funny Domestic Dispute Drunk guy gets locked out of girlfriends house so of course he tries to get inside through the chimney, gets stuck and the fire department needs to rescue him.
Tags : Domestic  Dispute   
   (204 ratings) Views: 66668 | Comments: 2
Dude Gets Busted This is a pretty funny. Some dude is home alone when his girlfriend walks in and busts him. A very funny ad for Bud Light.
Tags : Bud  Light 
   (194 ratings) Views: 63108 | Comments: 0
Hot Chick Gets Away With Anything It\'s good to be you.
Tags : hot  funny  ad 
    (135 ratings) Views: 57770 | Comments: 0
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