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Dolphins Are Killers Did you know that dolphins can kill ? Well they do ! Just watch this funny animal video :P
Tags : dolphins  funny  video  funny 
   (85 ratings) Views: 24255 | Comments: 1
Train Hitting A Car A train is hitting a car, an incredible shock !
Tags : train  car  hitting  shock   
   (684 ratings) Views: 50786 | Comments: 0
Puppies are Funny Abby (our 2yr old border collie) meets my 7mo old godson, Little Bear.
Tags : pets  dog  funny  baby  cute 
   (275 ratings) Views: 44139 | Comments: 0
Save Some Gas Money A funny way to save some gas money
Tags : gas  save  money  funny 
   (58 ratings) Views: 23232 | Comments: 1
The Trunk Monkey A revolutionary idee in this funny video ad.
Tags : ad  monkey  trunk 
   (175 ratings) Views: 31721 | Comments: 0
Diet Coke and Mentos II Ever wandered what diet coke and mentos would do if mixed together ?
Tags : coke  mentos  funny 
   (58 ratings) Views: 22970 | Comments: 0
Pimp My Bride Check out my new bride.
Tags : bride  ride  pimp  xbit 
   (278 ratings) Views: 59802 | Comments: 1
Robin Williams talks a bit about Golf Robin Williams talks about Golf in a very funny comedy show.
Tags : Williams    Robin  golf  comedy 
   (57 ratings) Views: 25284 | Comments: 1
Jeopardy Funny Wrong Answer Ken Jennings gives a funny wrong answer on Jeopardy and Alex goes WHOA!
Tags : Jeopardy  wrong  answer  funny 
   (47 ratings) Views: 38281 | Comments: 0
BabyBel Funny Ad A BabyBel Funny Commercial
Tags : babybel  funny  ad 
   (53 ratings) Views: 19888 | Comments: 0
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