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Oooppss Awsome video!
Tags : funny  dog  stupid  lady  Fall  Motorcycle  Motorbike 
   (187 ratings) Views: 37781 | Comments: 1
Dolphins Are Killers Did you know that dolphins can kill ? Well they do ! Just watch this funny animal video :P
Tags : dolphins  funny  video  funny 
   (85 ratings) Views: 24193 | Comments: 1
Farting Squirrel Saves The World! Do mints do this to you too? This farting squirrel saves the world!
Tags :   Fart  Squirrel  Save  World  Mints  Animated  Air  Commercials  Adverts  Advertising  Advertisement   
Not yet rated Views: 1 | Comments: 0
Animals make great friends Interesting pictures of animals doing what they do.
Tags : animals  pets  friends  pictures   
   (258 ratings) Views: 38126 | Comments: 1
Best Friends A celebration of animals.
Tags : pets  animals  funny  cat  dog  hamster 
    (251 ratings) Views: 35278 | Comments: 0
Elvy and His Elefant Elvis tells me he wants to play, gets faked out and fetches. Good boy!
Tags : dog  animal  pets  nice  funny  sweet 
   (71 ratings) Views: 24988 | Comments: 0
Basketball Golf Sports Bird Tricks Unbelievable bird plays basketball, golf, plays dead and other tricks.
Tags : pets  bird  play  basketball  golf  sports 
   (119 ratings) Views: 25406 | Comments: 1
Kitty Comb Cute cuddly baby orange kitty is combed while sleeping on his back. (more)
Tags : funny  cat  sweet  pets  sleep 
   (109 ratings) Views: 26259 | Comments: 1
Dudley Sitting and Playing With Charlie Dudley the Pug being silly, sitting and playing with Charlie the Persian
Tags : cat  pets  dog  funny   
   (136 ratings) Views: 31252 | Comments: 0
Puppies are Funny Abby (our 2yr old border collie) meets my 7mo old godson, Little Bear.
Tags : pets  dog  funny  baby  cute 
   (275 ratings) Views: 44083 | Comments: 0
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