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Why Dont You Love Me Cute pandas are shown in this short video. The sound is so funny and the bears are so cuddly.
Tags : funny  animals 
   (113 ratings) Views: 26816 | Comments: 0
Crazy Picture Of Cats A video stream of pictures of cats in their most cutest state and their most disurbing.
Tags : cat    cats    kitty  pet    funny 
   (220 ratings) Views: 36542 | Comments: 0
Cat Vs Dragonfly A cat plays with the Wow Wee dragonfly. So funny!
Tags : gizmodo    dragonfly    cat    wow    wee 
   (101 ratings) Views: 26963 | Comments: 0
Crazy Cat A cat trying to reach for the ribbons on its back. Very funny!
Tags : crazy  cat  funny  pet  animal 
   (247 ratings) Views: 39389 | Comments: 0
What Neighbors Think It seams that the turtles don't care what the neighbors think.
Tags : turtles  Neighbors  animal 
    (144 ratings) Views: 36455 | Comments: 0
Funny Animals Video Compilation Funniest videos compilation.
Tags : funny  animals   
   (440 ratings) Views: 66353 | Comments: 2
When Crabs Smokes It seams that he needs a life
Tags : Crabs  funny  smokes 
   (86 ratings) Views: 31088 | Comments: 0
Career Builder Celebration The funnies video ad for career builder. Do you work with monkeys ?
Tags : monkey  career  celebration  funny  ad 
   (286 ratings) Views: 39511 | Comments: 0
Patient Cat This cat is very happy to let his little budgie friend groom and massage him.
Tags :   Cats  Budgie  Grooming  Massage  Pets  Animals  Cute  Nature   
   (94 ratings) Views: 27210 | Comments: 0
Turtle Making Love This video will change your opinion about turtles forever! The male goes totally berserk! And if you never expected that turtles may actually have had a voice... Well, in the video you can even hear what is the voice of a turtle!!
Tags : turtle  funny  voice  video  love  sex 
    (119 ratings) Views: 28866 | Comments: 0
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