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Skating Dog Look out ... for the dog he has just begun skating.
Tags : dog  skate 
   (269 ratings) Views: 35893 | Comments: 1
Look Out Below Fat Woman Vs Thin Log Fat uncoordinated woman vs thin log, who emerges victorious? You be the judge.
Tags : fat  aacident  river 
   (97 ratings) Views: 27940 | Comments: 0
What are your kids learning Whant to know what your kids are learning on the internet ? Take a look at this funny video.
Tags : kids  animals  learning   
   (110 ratings) Views: 28872 | Comments: 0
Panda Escape Very funny animal video ...see how a panda bear manages to escape from the zoo.
Tags : panda  zoo  escape  animal  funny 
   (92 ratings) Views: 25422 | Comments: 0
I love you Funny little dog...
Tags : dog  funny  love 
   (177 ratings) Views: 30968 | Comments: 1
Dogs And Fireworks This is wild! A little dog runs around with a roman candle in his mouth! I am glad he did not get burned.
Tags : dogs  fireworks  funny  animal  pets 
   (113 ratings) Views: 31686 | Comments: 3
Panda Bloopers They look like stuff animals with an attitude. Here are some scenes that did not air in the news about them.
Tags :   panda    bloopers        funny        animals        pets        bears     
   (152 ratings) Views: 34436 | Comments: 2
Scary Masked Sheep Looks like that sheep is trying' to scare the rest of the crew! and boy, is he having allot of fun doing' that.
Tags : funny  sheep  stupid  animal 
    (102 ratings) Views: 33512 | Comments: 1
Racoon Stealing a Biscuit Funny racoon tries to steal biscuit... not just once, but a couple of times!
Tags : racoon    funny    cute    cat    dog 
   (51 ratings) Views: 25950 | Comments: 0
Dog Humping A black dog that looks so innocent suddenly go humping a big pillow. And it shows that the dog really loves doin it!
Tags : dog    dogs    funny    animal  pet 
   (254 ratings) Views: 40040 | Comments: 1
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