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Evolution of Dance The funniest 6 minutes you will ever see! Remember how many of these you have done! Judson Laipply is dancing - - for more info including song list!
Tags : dance  funny  evolution   
   (100 ratings) Views: 30808 | Comments: 0
Mad Tv Gump Fiction This is a parody of Pulp Fiction and Forest Gump. It is very funny.
Tags : mad    tv  parody  gump  fiction 
   (54 ratings) Views: 19195 | Comments: 0
Dr Phil Parody A Mad TVs version of Dr. Phil. Instead of helping the person he makes fun of the guest having a face that is hopeless even with surgery.
Tags : mad    tv    dr    phil 
   (60 ratings) Views: 20791 | Comments: 0
Trapped in the Cupboard One of the best Mad Tv skits!This is a parody of R Kelly trapped in the closet. Very funny!
Tags : kelly    mad    tv    trapped    in    the    closet    cupboard 
   (69 ratings) Views: 19954 | Comments: 0
What is Love Jim Carrey the man behind the mask is with his 2 friends riding a car and they try to act very cool in every party they will go to. This is so Funny!
Tags : comedy    love    what    jim    carrey    saturday    night 
   (73 ratings) Views: 19124 | Comments: 0
Mr Bean Tries To Paint His House Oh damn what a bloody mess he made. The poor teddy got the paint brush up his ...
Tags : mr  bean  house  funny  paint 
   (216 ratings) Views: 25193 | Comments: 0
Pimp My Bride Check out my new bride.
Tags : bride  ride  pimp  xbit 
   (278 ratings) Views: 59743 | Comments: 1
Robin Williams talks a bit about Golf Robin Williams talks about Golf in a very funny comedy show.
Tags : Williams    Robin  golf  comedy 
   (57 ratings) Views: 25239 | Comments: 1
Funny A Cappella Song "B@@@@es Aint S@@t A Cappella by Dr. Dre performed a cappella :)) .
Tags : Funny  rap  cappella  Dre 
   (60 ratings) Views: 24330 | Comments: 0
Steve Bridges as George W Bush Steve Bridges as George Bush in this very funny video.
Tags : Bush  Bridges  funny  comedy 
   (60 ratings) Views: 30329 | Comments: 0
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