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Police Accident Look out it's coming strait for us ... a funny car accident. This time the car is a police car.
Tags : police  stupid  accident  funny 
   (474 ratings) Views: 105010 | Comments: 0
Mario Game Over It's game over for Mario in this Funny Video Clip
Tags : mario  video  clip  funny 
    (120 ratings) Views: 56244 | Comments: 0
Host Prince Charles If Prince Charles is to host a tv show, this man gave us an idea on how will he host it.
Tags : Prince  Charles  Comedy  funny 
   (88 ratings) Views: 44822 | Comments: 0
What I Mean Another scene from the comic show Whose Line Is It Anyway. One hell of comedy if you know what i mean.
Tags : funny  comedy 
   (46 ratings) Views: 36701 | Comments: 0
Jim Carrey - jacuzzi life guard A clip from mad tv where Jim Carreu acts as a life guard on a jacuzzi.
Tags : Jim  Carrey  jacuzzi  life  guard  funny 
   (194 ratings) Views: 55922 | Comments: 3
Sweet Sweet Love This couple is having a fight because the girl doesnt want to share the chocolates with her boyfriend.
Tags : Super  Bowl  Reno  Safety  funny  stupid 
   (200 ratings) Views: 42308 | Comments: 0
Anna Nicole Judge Judge Larry Seidlin tearfully visits Weekend Update to talk about his Anna Nicole verdict.
Tags : Anna  Nicole  Judge  funny 
   (63 ratings) Views: 36390 | Comments: 0
Queen vs Queen After winning the Oscars... Helen Mirren was invited by the queen her self to have tea with her. Lets watch this funny scene.
Tags : cbs    craig    ferguson    late    show    queen    elizabeth    deniro 
   (101 ratings) Views: 31079 | Comments: 1
George Carlin on Germs An very funny clip with George Carlin joking about germs.
Tags : george    carlin    germs  Comedy 
   (53 ratings) Views: 35223 | Comments: 0
Eddie Izzard Hilarious Movie with Eddie Izzard talking about transvestites, military, dreams, castles, and other funny things.
Tags : Eddie  Izzard  funny  clips  Comedy 
   (50 ratings) Views: 26366 | Comments: 0
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